Global Dowsers North Wales


Our group came to be Global Dowsers after many years learning the art of dowsing, Our expert Peter Taylor who is a professional dowser with all  the work he does is credited by the people he has dowsed for,  gaining trust through his dowsing results, and has conformation to back his dowsing skills up.


We are a small friendly dowsing group learning the art of dowsing  which over the years we have enjoyed  learning differant ways to use dowsing,  and now together with Peter and the group can share the art of dowsing  with people who have an interest in the art of dowsing. 

Come along we meet every first saturday of the month at 9.30am to 4.30pm a donation of £10 would be grateful  this helps to keep the website running, monthly newsletters, group insurances and materials 


What we do
  • water

  • oil,gas

  •  minerals including gold

  • health/healing

  • archaeology

  • energys good & bad

  • map dowsing

  • research & projects