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Hello all

 The main dowsing site is opening up with restrictions,  we will be covering energy healing,  Peter is using his the fibonacci sequence formula which uses earth energy power points, there will be one to one mind/body/energy healing,  which i have demonstrated,    this includes set frequencies for each human energy field



Peter is very busy the next couple of months dowsing for spring water for a number of customers, the people who wish to come to learn from Peter are welcome, remember

he will show you to map dowse first, then do a follow up on site, mark out the site ready for drilling,

Be Safe,  Be Kind, and All Take Care of Yourselfs 

  Dear Fellow Dowsers 

What a busy day on saturday we all had a great day, we used map dowsing to detect unwanted energies within and around a friends home

and we used dowsing to clear these energies from bad to good for the humans that live there,  there was alot of dowsing related stuff

through out the day, finishing off with dowsing for good energy lines outside, 

The Homework for all are dowsers was to look into the frequency of the coronavirus and how to combat the coronavirus or.....Wuhan 400?** so we'll see soon are results

.........Goto Research......













our monthly meeting 7/3/20 at Rhydymwyn same time 9.30am till 4,30pm.  


Regarding the 5G I have been in touch with Ced Jackson and sent him the information regarding the 5G and I have asked him to pass it onto the other 55 groups in the BSD.  I will keep you informed if there are any further developments on these issues. 

The BSD have a symposium on Saturday 21 March 2020 at Worcester Race Course.  If you are interested have a look at the BSD website and look where it says "symposium" where you will find full details and the cost.


At this next meeting if anyone has any problems with their houses or knows of anyone who has problems and they would like us to check it out for them ask the person to get in touch with me and send me a google earth map with the property in question marked out and some information of what the problem is such as the persons personality has changed or they may  be unwell etc.  If there is anything  like that I will then pass it onto you guys at the meeting for you to dowse it.  If I get it within the next  week then  I print off a few copies to bring with me to the meeting for the group to have a go, whichever way we will get something of interest for the group to do at the meeting as usual.  I will need to know ASAP so that I can organise  the agenda for the March meeting.  If not I will have to arrange something as a backup option for the meeting.  

Just to let you all know I went to a scouts meeting last Friday evening to demonstrate dowsing to the youngsters.  Needless to say they really enjoyed it and I am glad to say there was a source of water inside the room and I got them to also dowse it to look for it.  


If anyone has any other ideas of what we can cover at the meeting. please get in touch particularly with the weather as is at the moment.   Thanks to Peter Spencer for asking me and to organising on his side and it is so important that young people learn the skills so that they can carry on when we can't.  

Look forward to seeing you at the March meeting.  Happy dowsing. 

Kind regards Peter


Hi All

1/2/20,  Is are next monthly meeting, the will be a mix choice of dowsing on Saturday, so what ever your interest let Peter Taylor know, 

happy dowsing

Hi All

The meeting on the 7/12/19 was a talk and video on 5G and we will continue this in the new year , we also had a go map dowsing gas fields,  we then went on the healing side of dowsing, looking at are auras , changing the frequencies to heal,  we added crystals to this method with a good response,  to finish off we did some practising of "finding the gold" in multiple tubs 


Dear Fellow Dowsers 


I have had a phone call last week from our good friend Mr Clive Thompson, who for those who don't know him he was a President of the BSD many years ago.  He is now coming to 96 years of age and lives in Anglesey and he phoned me to ask would be going to visit him again this year.  I told him I would contact the group to see if anyone was interested in going to see him and have a chat about dowsing and times gone by.  


I thought if anyone was interested we could go before the winter months say at our next meeting on 14 September or do a separate visit on another day.    We could all meet at Rhydymwyn and shoot off from there.  Please let me know if this would be of interest to you. 


I look forward to hearing from you.  Peter

6TH JULY 2019

Dear Fellow Dowsers 


 Dr Peter Maddern  asked me to  pass over the information relating to homeopathic treatment. 

Please also see 4 attachments of 8 photographs taken at our last meeting on 6 July 2019 when Dr Atherton kindly gave us a talk and also demonstrated the Homeopathic  using dowsing techniques which he uses in his work.  


Photo 1 & 2 - shows Dr Atherton dowsing the samples of homeopathic medicines to see which one would be suitable for each of the persons to see which one would be beneficial to them. 


Photo 3 is looking closer to Dr Artherton using his dowsing rod which is made of wire which springs back when he hits the correct treat for the person.   


Photo 4 - this is looking at the other side of the desk looking towards Dr Atherton  with members of the group looking on at what he was explaining. 


Photo 5 -  shows Dr Atherton checking again with his dowsing rod the correct medication for the person.  


Photo 6 - this shows Dr Atherton picking up the correct medication for that person.  


Photo 7 - This is again looking towards Dr Atherton with another person who attended the talk.  


Photo 8 - Again this shows everyone looking and listening to Dr Atherton.  

Also welcome to all the new members, we tried to fit some of your questions earth energies, standing stones, auras, map dowsing and how to scan for injuries within or around you body using dowsing, but  as ever time ran out but a very enjoyable day ,


Before Dr Atherton's talk the library cupboards had arrived and we assembled this in the Field Study Room.  It is now ready for the books to be put in next month as we ran out of time at this meeting.   So the Library books will be available for use  from next month's meeting.


img218 - Copy.jpg

5/1/19...  Map Dowsing with computers, pinpointing spring water sources in the uk and earth energy devices,

Thanks to Ian for making the earth energy devices which we are researching on  there are 3 devices one is kept by the user the other two are set up within "lay lines" or energy lines at some distance apart for each other,


 Hello everyone, it was a very busy day of dowsing learning and fun,

On 6th October which  Dr Ken  Ward- Atherton was giving us a talk and demonstration  in Integrative Medicine  at that meeting, we combined are dowsing to his demonstration,  which we touch on cymatics (sound made visible,   in are case healing sound made visible)


444hz healing sounds 




Dear Fellow Dowsers 


Our next meeting will be on 1st September 2018 at the usual place of Rhydymwyn, 9.30am start and finish at 4.30pm. 


I am hoping to invite a good friend of mine who I taught 6 or 7 years ago how to dowse.  he is over here in the UK and is available for this next meeting to give us a talk and demonstration on a completely new form of dowsing tool which can be used for many things.  His demonstration will show us how it can be used to locate natural oil and natural gas deposits.  He was also successful in Pakistan with finding water his training has saved many lives and I really believe it would be useful for us to see him give us a demonstration and useful to know that other parts of the world are moving forward with the dowsing methods.


After the talk we will continue with usual dowsing programme.  


Just a reminder that at the October  monthly  meeting on 6 October Dr  Ken Ward-Atherton will be giving us talk on integrated medicine and dowsing.  

happy dowsing see you soon ;)


Dear Fellow Dowsers 


I hope you are enjoying the warm sunshine.  We will be having our meeting at Rhydymwyn on Saturday 4 August 2018 usual time 9.30am to 4.30pm.  


We will be doing some more map surveying and some earth energies.  We might take a walk to the bath house to see if anything has been done there as I have not heard anything regarding the situation.  There are areas at Rhydymwyn where we can dowse for water and if anyone has got any sites they want to bring along to map dowse we can do that as well.  


During the last month I have been very busy with borehole jobs.  I have been contacting some of our members to ask them to come along with me on my site visits to get some practical site dowsing which will be open to all of our members whenever possible so if you want to come along with me on my site visits I can arrange for them to be on a Saturday as many of you are working so please let me know if you are interested. 

There was another good turnout at the meeting last Saturday.  We discussed healing and good spiral energies and good healing energies.   Please see 2 attachments of 4 photographs.  The photographs show some of the group, especially the last photo showing a photo of some of the group using google earth on my laptop.  Interesting experiments took place which we need to complete on the following next month's meeting as the agenda had to be altered as former member of the group popped in to ask some questions regarding water dowsing and a search for water leak on a particular site for a friend which everyone helped out with and took up some of our time.  But we did manage to do the white healing energies and the green good energy spirals.  I showed the group how it was done and each of them were allowed to look and see what was being done and then to put their hand close to the spiral.  Come of them remarked that they had a warm energy coming from the computer as well as the existing normal heat of the computer.  One of our group, Ian, was able to pick up and distinguish between the healing energy spiral and the good energy spiral in the sense one of the spirals gave off a cool energy within the center of the spiral and a warm energy in the centre of the spiral and on the other spiral which was the good energy spiral he just picked up a warm energy with a pulsation which we all thought was absolutely fantastic.  needless to say we will do further research and of course ask for our permissions to go ahead with our research.     from Peter Taylor


 Hi all it was a great day with Clive Thompson {Master Dowser} and maybe the last time he will do a group workshop
 he show us how he detects water with his double v rod which he invented it works on connecting to positive and negative energies, i will give an update on this soon for the people who cannot go to the work shop
 we where greatful for Clive to show us how he uses the v rods,  and most important gave us his research papers as he is now 93 years old, he had 70 odd years of dowsing knowledge
 and he wishes the group to continue with his work, at some time there will be copies sent to the group and also i will explain how the double v rod works in one of are workshop some time,

Lovely day  with are dowsing group we went first to the river to dowse for gold which we all got,

  Even tho the first 30mins it rained,hailstoned and thundered, this wouldnt put off are gold fever, 

next we went to up in the mountains to an old gold mine,   beautiful scenery, we dowsed over the spoil heaps there to find gold that has mixed with other metallic ores,




 future monthly meetings for this year and what we intended to do at these meetings.  Our next next monthly meeting to be held on Saturday 5th August this will be off site and not at Rhydymwyn.  We will be going to Bont Ddu near Dolgellau  to do some dowsing and panning for gold.  Bont Ddu is within the gold belt of Dolgellau.  The area we are going to is tidal so I will have to check out the tides and let confirm the  time we are setting out and arriving at Bont Ddu.  But  at the moment if we meet at New Street Car Park, by the Co-op in Mold at say 8am and no later than 8.15am.  The journey should take over 1 1/2hrs to get to Bont Ddu. so we should be there  by 10am at the latest.  what I suggest is that we share cars  and cost of petrol before we go as there is not a lot of car parking space  at that Village. 





We will hopefully be going this time to Parry's Mountain which is again in Anglesey.  This is an old copper mine still full of minerals such as Zinc, led, silver and of course copper and many, many different colours of geology and rocks.  This again is a full day and times etc will be given nearer the date and again the cost is only £10 donation and again if possible can we car share.      Anyone wishing to go on this one please let me know either by phone or email as soon as you can.  




The plan is to go to Rhys y Cae near Halkyn to dowse the areas between the 2 quarries for led and silver and also what is interesting in this part of the country is that there are brown quartz this is caused by the iron content within the earth in that part of the country and even the quartz are nice to look at and keep.  I have put this one towards the end because is it very near to Rhydymwyn about 3 miles away and the day light will be very short. 


I will keep you posted with updates on the Monthly meetings above.  Happy dowsing. 

Well what a great day we had thank you all for your kind words, reconnecting to your dowsing is a great feeling, and when your dowsing is correct its even better, 

you all enjoyed map dowsing and the results you got where spot on well done!!

Detecting supple energies within the ww2 building was interesting everyone finding the energy spirals ,


thanks  Ennie for designing the healing energy zapper,, 

Thanks for Peter for the "water experiment" this was a mix of cosmic energy and earth energy to energise the water,

the position of the water was the key here to expose the water to best energy/frequency within an energy "spiral"

I will be doing some research into cymatics frequency or patterns of energy 




 some of you were there a few years ago when we did some archeological dowsing on the site.  The site is very interesting as there is the  old  foundations of the Abbey there plus a little church and many other interesting things dating back a very long time ago.  So we will be testing our skills there once more at our September meeting.  Again we will all meet at Rhydymwyn, I would say at 9am to get an early start and set off promptly at 9.30am  and hope fully return early evening.  The cost is still the same as usual £10 for the day.  


It was another interesting day, dowsing the borehole the feed's the caravan park was first for us we found the direction of the water and quantity which was 8gpm

we continued dowsing the church and checking interesting energies within and around the building including earth energy lines 

we also dowsed  the foundations of the old Abbey and found the the abbey had a bakery and a small pond for keeping fish 

time was running out to visit the hill fort which the farmer John would have took the group up there on google maps there is 2 sites to look at the lower fort and the hill fort which was called a Castle at on time if you are interested in visiting these let us know 

St Margaret, Ratlinghope

This is the grave of the last known Sin-Eater in England, a practice peculiar to the England/Welsh marches. Richard Munslow appear to have taken on the job after losing 3 of his children in a Whooping Cough outbreak. Sin Eaters were paid a small amount to eat bread and drink ale accross the body of someone who died suddenly, taking on their sins so they arrive before God in a clean and pure state.
This object can be found in Ratlinghope Churchyard, near Church Stretton on the Long Mynd, Shropshire, which is in the Diocese of Hereford.

A big Well Done to the members who Passed there 

Water Dowsing Course