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Some Interesting dowsing video's 

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NEW TOPIC earth energy grid, some interesting Dowsing results suggest are earth energy grid is been shut down in places where there are EBOLA outbreaks??

It seems a good time to see if the Earths energy Grid, has been affected by Covid-19,  in the same way Ebola did the last time the group did a dowsing study 


Can it be possible to Dowse the moon for Noble Minerals, 

YES, but you need to focus on what your searching for, The Moon seems to have layers of misinformation or 

energetic thought forms,  these layers are not easy to go through for a beginnner,  these layers can give you false results, by changing you mind set,

 One interesting thing in the south area, was when dowsing there seemed to be a very large deposit of "noble minerals" shaped like a halo?   for those who had a go in the group well done 


view of an entity and its "prime Directive" see the  updated PDF .....


update on these stories to follow

 Are Dementors real, is this why JK Rowling claimed state benifits,

 she was dreaming of these entities attacking her at that time in her life

The Good, Bad, and Impossible Energies that can affect Humans


This was a god like energy entity made up of the sun energy and even had magnetosphere when turning its head the  energy waves would move        more to come in a PDF

UFO ETs  the connections 

It seems  that some humans have an inbuilt frequency to "contact" ETs this ability was there from birth, within the DNA and its about using your mind to to change energy around the body,

focus on this picture of what your looking for  "which is the energy of an ET"

 this is how dowsing works by focusing on the energy within and around the object 

 satellite sonic weapon? are we affected ............hearing loss or tinnitus (ringing in the ears). dizziness, headaches, vomiting, bowel spasms, vertigo, permanent hearing loss and even brain damage.

Scotlands stone carved balls mystery-is there a link with Cymatic patterns?


talks about his 70 years of  dowsing and research and

HOW DOWSING WORKS /Inventor of the double V rod 

Here in these files are some of the topics Clive talked about when are group seen him, he explains his dowsing method the SCIENTIFIC WAY, and why and how humans are able dowse


Dowsing works, John Humphrys has said, after he used it on his farm to find a broken pipe.

The United Arab Emirates 

Hi all this a update of Peter's  water dowsing in the UAE DUBAI, after successfully finding water a month ago he has been ask again to dowse and find water  at another location,  which he has found using his technique of "map Dowsing " so its just a case of going to the location and drilling to get the water, i will update you all soon 

New:: losing weight with dowsing this is a on going topic which i am going to use dowsing to find what can help  this will include crystals ,  what is the best "frequency"a crystal is giving to my energy to reduce body fat,

dowsing you energy and changing the bodys energy frequency is a supple way to start the weight loss and gives the subconscious the Action to change,

and of course i will be adding what food,water,crystals/mind-set

energising energys/ moving old eating habits,

 as i have said this will be research and results based in the next coming weeks and months some related websites below,

Missing child found with map dowsing

USA dowser shows the reporter how he finds water with his copper dowsing rods

This video has solfeggio frequencies within it play the music put a glass of water by the speaker this sound changes the water structure you can do experiments before and after  with your dowsing skills, is the water after the music played energized, dowse to see

does your body  require this energized water

Some dowsers having a look into this very interesting site Puma Punku In Bolivia this would be another  good site to map dowse at some stage

interesting  Discoveries

Sound changes the shape of water

WATER & GOLD  by Trevor Bellis

Water Dowsing India

India water drought help by a water dowser have a listen to the

mp3 below

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interesting dowsing on youtube take a look  {the old rat lab}